Upgrading Odoo 13 to Odoo 14 using OpenUpgrade: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps to upgrade your Odoo 13 Community Edition to Odoo 14 Community Edition using OpenUpgrade, an open-source migration tool developed by the OCA (Odoo Community Association). Important Note: Always backup your Odoo database and files before starting the upgrade process. This is a crucial step for restoring your […]

Comprehensive Guide to Large LED TV Mounting

DSI | Digital Systems Integration, Inc. presents this step-by-step guide on large LED TV mounting. Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting, mounting your LED TV can transform your viewing experience, saving space and improving overall aesthetics. Essential Tools for LED TV Mounting Before starting, ensure you have the right tools. These may include a […]

5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Passwords

In today’s digital world, protecting your online accounts is crucial to maintaining your privacy and security. One of the primary lines of defense is having strong and secure passwords. In this article, we will discuss five essential steps you can take to safeguard your passwords and ensure the security of your online accounts. 1. Create […]

Installing Redmine 4.1 on Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install Redmine 4.1 on Ubuntu 19.04/20.04 Dependencies Install Apache2 & Passenger Install PGP key and add HTTPS support for APT Add APT repository Install Passenger + Apache module Install MySQL Create Database Download Redmine 4.0 Stable Setup Redmine DB Configuration Install Ruby Install the packages: Install Gems Generate Keys and Migrate the Database […]

Install WordPress on LAMP Stack

Quick Install of WordPress on Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20.04 Components you should already have: Ubuntu 20.04 Server or Debian 10 Components we will be installing: LAMP stack (Linux,Apache2,MySQL,PHP) WordPress (latest version) Installation Process Before we begin let’s fully update your server: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y Install LAMP Stack Installing the […]