Enterprise level AV Solutions

Our audio-visual design team specializes in enterprise level AV solutions for small, medium and large businesses, and government entities. DSI video and sound engineers use a wide selection of technologies from the leading manufacturers in the industry.


Video Conferencing

A well-designed video conferencing provides a face-to-face communication aspect to conference calls. We will work to determine the best solution that fits your needs and budget. Our experienced engineering team will design the optimal video conferencing solution to fit your organization’s requirements.



Wireless Audio

DSI can supply and install audio systems for any business or organization’s needs – paging, intercom, sound masking, and foreground or background music systems.  You can count on our highly experienced design team to create the perfect system for your environment.  We have the tools to expertly balance and optimize a room for the best possible listening experience.



DSI Sound Engineer

Disseminate information effectively and easily with a multimedia presentation systems from DSI. Have the ability to share multiple presentations seamlessly across a variety of platforms. We work with you to design, install and provide training to ensure the best possible transition of information.



DSI Digital Signage

Flexible, professional, and eye-catching, digital signage can direct parents, new students, and visitors to any destination in your building. Use it to remind students of upcoming events, congratulate clubs and teams, recognize outstanding students and educators and many other messaging needs.

Find unexpected benefits to your business and increase sales with the latest displays and editing software.