Troubleshooting SHARP Copier Error Codes: Top 10 Codes and Solutions

Managing a busy office environment means dealing with a variety of equipment, including SHARP copiers. Encountering error codes on your copier can be frustrating, but understanding their meanings and knowing how to resolve them is essential. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 SHARP copier error codes, their causes, and potential solutions.

Understanding SHARP Copier Error Codes

SHARP copier error codes are designed to help users identify specific issues with their copier machines. These codes can be found in the user manual provided by the manufacturer, on SHARP’s official website, or through online forums and support communities.

Keep in mind that error codes and their meanings may vary depending on the copier model. Always consult your user manual or reach out to SHARP support for the most accurate information.

Top 10 SHARP Copier Error Codes

  1. H2-00: Fusing Unit Temperature Issue
    • Cause: Faulty thermistor or heater lamp
    • Solution: Check and replace the thermistor or heater lamp if necessary
  2. H3-00: Over-Temperature in Fusing Unit
    • Cause: Malfunctioning thermistor, thermostat, or heater lamp
    • Solution: Inspect and replace the faulty component
  3. H4-00: Fusing Unit Heating Problem
    • Cause: Faulty power supply or control board
    • Solution: Check the power supply and control board for issues and replace if needed
  4. L1-00: Scanner Feed System Problem
    • Cause: Locked or obstructed scanner, or faulty motor
    • Solution: Inspect the scanner for obstructions, ensure it moves freely, and replace the motor if necessary
  5. L4-01: Main Motor Lock
    • Cause: Overloaded motor, defective motor, or damaged drive gear
    • Solution: Check for motor overload, replace the motor, or inspect the drive gear for damage
  6. U2-40: CRUM Chip Issue
    • Cause: Damaged chip or faulty toner cartridge
    • Solution: Replace the toner cartridge with a new one
  7. F2-02: Toner Detection Problem
    • Cause: Empty or improperly installed toner cartridge, or faulty sensor
    • Solution: Check the toner cartridge for proper installation or replace it, and inspect the sensor for issues
  8. CH: Door Open Error
    • Cause: Open front cover, side cover, or another door on the copier
    • Solution: Close the door properly to clear the error
  9. C4-02: Waste Toner Box Issue
    • Cause: Full or improperly installed waste toner box, or malfunctioning sensor
    • Solution: Empty or replace the waste toner box, and check the sensor for issues
  10. E7-11: White Level Calibration Problem
    • Cause: Dirty scanner glass, defective scanner unit, or faulty CCD sensor
    • Solution: Clean the scanner glass, replace the scanner unit, or replace the CCD sensor


By understanding common SHARP copier error codes, you can quickly diagnose and resolve issues to ensure smooth operation in your office. Partnering with a reliable copier maintenance and repair service provider can also be beneficial in keeping your copiers functioning at their best.

For more information on SHARP copier error codes and how to troubleshoot them, consult your user manual or contact SHARP’s customer support for further assistance.

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