Update Debian-Based Linux Machines

Keep your Debian-based Linux system up-to-date by following these simple steps to update packages and the system itself using the command line.

Step 1: Open the Terminal

Access the terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T or search for “Terminal” or “Konsole” in your system’s application menu.

Step 2: Update Package List, Upgrade Installed Packages, and Perform a Full System Upgrade (Optional)

Run the following one-line command to update the package list, upgrade installed packages, and perform a full system upgrade (optional):

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

This command fetches the latest package information from the configured repositories, upgrades all installed packages to their latest versions, and performs a full system upgrade (including kernel upgrades and new package installations) in one go.

That’s it! Your Debian-based Linux machine is now updated with a single command. Regularly updating your system ensures you have the latest security patches and software improvements, helping maintain a stable and secure system.


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