Wall Mount Swing Frame Rack with 12 RMS

This is a small business setup with 96 patch panel ports, a VPN firewall, an access switch, and a PoE switch for VOIP phones. All our drops are tested & validated for Gigabit ethernet.

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What’s on the Rack?

  • CAT6 48-port patch panels x 2
  • 3″ Deep Finger Duct Panel in 2 RMS x 2
  • Vertical Plastic Finger Duct for cable management x 2
  • UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) firewall appliance
  • UniFI 24-Port managed PoE switch
  • UniFI 48-port managed switch
  • 16 port Hikvision NVR security solution
  • 2U rackmount battery backup UPS