Structured Cabling in Viera FL

Hire Network Voice & Data Cabling installers in Viera Florida

Ensure the success of your business network infrastructure installation with the best application of data cabling and wiring (also referred to as network cabling & structured cabling).

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Structured Cabling: evaluation, design, and installation.
  • Data Cabling: Network Ethernet wiring for LAN.
  • Fiber Optic Cable: installations, termination, and testing.
  • Server rack cabling: Patch panel installation & cable management.
  • Voice Cabling: VOIP & business telephone wiring.
  • Low voltage wiring: Cabling for security cameras and door access controls.


Always hire a professional  structured cabling installer

DSI  licensed low-voltage contractor van

Whether your Viera based business is using CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a or CAT 7 cable or Fiber data infrastructure,  our licensed low-voltage wire technicians will ensure that your workplace is set up with a fast and reliable cabling infrastructure for your business operations.

From Cat 5, CAT 6, CAT6a to fiber optic cables used for transmitting data as well as voice within as well as outside the organization, you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time.  We use the high-quality riser or plenum rated CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, RG11, RG6 and OM3 fiber optic cabling from top manufacturers.  All of our installed network drops are properly labeled and validated to IEEE 802 standards. Cabling for CATV distribution and another low voltage cabling for security, multimedia, and audio applications are also tested to ensure interference-free operation.


We Test and Certify Your Structured Cabling Infrastructure

test data cables
DSI tests and certifies each network cable

DSI is able to test and verify your computer network cabling with our Fluke testing gear. We make sure each cable is terminated correctly, certified for reliability, speed, and without electromagnetic interference.

We provide a professional appearance as well as accurate labeling to ensure you are stress free about your Viera Florida office’s data or fiber network in the midst of any move or upgrade.


Choose from CAT 5e and CAT 6 Data Cabling

CAT 5e and CAT 6 are by far the most common cabling installation. A CAT 5e installation is not as pricey as the CAT 6 or CAT 6a options, and it will get you 1 Gigabit of speed with a distance that reaches 100 meters. Due to the price benefit, it may be an excellent choice for someone who moves often. In general, there will be an approximate cost difference of 20 percent between the CAT5e and CAT 6 installations.

Choosing a CAT6 installation with DSI in Viera will provide you with 10 Gigabytes of speed for a distance of 55 meters. You will incur a premium for the equipment, installation and labor costs that go hand-in-hand with a quicker, newer installation.


Get CAT 6a Data Network Cabling for Your Business

The CAT 6a data cabling installation is becoming more popular in the Space Coast area. Cat 6a will do 10 Gigabits for up to 100 meters, and it also reduces cross-talk. If you’re looking for a data cabling installation that will provide great connections well into the future, CAT6a can offer you the best performance at a longer distance.


We are licensed for low voltage wiring

DSI is a licensed contractor and does not use sub-contractors.  We are low voltage wire licensed contractors with over 25 years of experience in the design and installation of copper cabling, fiber optic cabling, phone systems, alarm systems, video surveillance systems. Our network cabling and wiring installers are fully certified, highly trained, and committed to your complete satisfaction. We proudly offer emergency repairs, 24/7 support, competitive rates, and free estimates to the people of Viera FL.


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DSI is a licensed low voltage wiring contractor and does not use sub-contractors in Melbourne FL. We use the high-quality riser or plenum rated CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, RG11, RG6 and OM3 fiber optic cabling for your voice and data cabling needs.