New Windows 10 Update hides a dreadful bug that will break your PC, learn this fix before you eye the “UPDATE NOW” button

According to an article by Aaron Brown at EXPRESS

Microsoft Windows 10 users are responsibly updating their computers only to find a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) waiting around the corner. If you somehow avoided the BSOD, then you still might have apps that no longer work on your PC. If you work at an office, we recommend contacting an IT Professional before moving forward. If you decide to take the risk on your own, keep reading.

The problem with this Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 KB4517389 was issued on October 8, 2019 to bring the following Win10 updates:

  • Improve security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Updates for verifying user names and passwords.
  • Updates for storing and managing files.
  • Address issues with applications and printers that use JavaScript Engine.

Regrettably, it also causes a series of problems on your computer:

  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Prevents apps from working
  • Breaks the Windows 10 Start Menu.
  • Causes potential Boot failures.
  • Breaks cloud drive services

How to fix Windows 10 Update KB4517389 

You can resolve the issue by rolling back the update. you’ll need to tap on Windows Update – which should be in the left-hand menu – and then click on View Update History. Click on Uninstall Updates at the top of the menu. You’ll then find yourself presented with a long list of every tweak, patch, fix and update installed on your machine.