Ways that toner usage can hurt your bottom line


Are you overlooking a way to control business expenses?

If you’re trying to find methods to better handle overhead, one area to analyze is the costs involving your printing services. One major aspect that lots of business individuals ignore is the annual expense of their toner and also just how that expense is significantly affected by the quantity of toner coverage their page printing requires.

Actually, whether you recognize it or not, the quantity of printer toner your printing service utilizes in a year can seriously make a dent in your profits. The good news is that if you could better recognize the ways toner coverage depletes your cartridges, then you could make adjustments that could possibly conserve you up to 30% monthly in toner expenses.

Many toner manufacturers declare the approximated printer toner coverage for most office documents is  5% per page. Having 5% toner coverage on a page is like having a mere two non-bolded paragraphs on a whole 8.5 x 11 white sheet of paper.

Is this 5% what your business prints look like that? Probably not.


Think about printer toner like gas. The more miles you cover, the even more fuel your vehicle consumes. The same could be said for your toner cartridge. The more page coverage it is required to meet, the shorter its lifespan.


How much printer toner actually winds up on your office documents?

Some studies assert that in general, businesses are averaging 8-10% percent printer toner coverage per page, while law office or bookkeeping companies can have toner protection price as high as 12-14%.

It’s essential to obtain an accurate estimate of toner coverage to ensure that your printer toner cost does not begin cutting into your earnings. Also, you can be utilizing another  5-10% more printer toner, if your firm generates plenty of documents with text and graphics.


How can you lower your toner usage?


To lower your toner usage as well as enhance your lower line, there are 3 areas to think about:

Remain in the know. When you have accurate facts regarding just how many printers are on your network as well as how much printing and printer toner coverage is being required, you will be in a better position to keep your printer toner use in check.

Certainly, color needs even more printer toner coverage, so not having a dark blue background on your PowerPoint slides could be a smarter way to go.

In other words, if you begin focusing on the toner coverage your printing work requires, then you will be well on your way to conserving almost a 3rd on your printer toner expenditures. Using an expert and well-run Managed Print program is an additional way to maintain expenses under control if you don’t have one already.